Woven Farewell Willow Coffin

Natural willow coffin
Made from woven willow, sourced from a family firm in Somerset, the UK | The sturdy base slats are made from local ash or douglas | Handles made from organic hemp rope | The coffins are double lined with bio-based plastic & unbleached cotton | Appropriate for burial, cremation, woodland and green burial sites | Can carry up to 127kg | 5% of profits go to Woodland Trust | Made in West Dorset, the UK

Available in Buff Willow Coffin, Brown Willow Coffin & Baby Willow Coffin, prices vary.
Brown willow has the bark still on and has a deeper green colour.
Buff willow with the willow stripped off is a shiny chestnut colour and slightly lighter in weight.

Woven Farewell are open to families choosing their own pattern or other willow colours. Coffin can also be easily woven with two round ends. It’s possible to participate in the making of your loved one’s coffin.

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