The Shade of Green

There are a lot of great, natural and sustainable products out there, but they can be pretty hard to find. That's why we created the Shade of Green; an easy-to-use website to discover eco-friendly alternatives for everyday items.

Easy-to-find green alternatives to traditionally synthetic and single-use products.

We carefully select the products that we share with you.

All products are shown with only the most essential information.

Buy the products directly from the people who make it.


Because we want to make it easier for people to discover and buy products that will not destroy the earth we live on. The impact of fossil fuels on our planet needs no introduction. Global warming, plastic soup, loss of biodiversity, air pollution, the list goes on. Our skies are dirty, our oceans are full of plastic and the other animals we share this world with are dying.

Almost all the products that we use contain synthetic materials, like plastic, made from petroleum and crude oil. Plastic is nearly indestructible and takes extremely long to degrade. The environmental effects of both the production and the disposal are well documented and catastrophic.

Now we do not claim that buying a bamboo toothbrush will immediately solve all of these problems. But we do know that it will help, just a tiny bit, to keep our planet livable just a little bit longer.

Our Goal

After watching the David Attenborough’s Witness Statement ‘A Life on our Planet’, we felt sad and hopeless, but also strongly motivated; we knew what direction to take the Shade of Green.

Our goal is simple. We want to buy land all over the world and let it rewild. We are currently setting up the Shade of Green in a way that allows us to put our profits in a fund to buy land. It's a work in progress, in the meantime you can explore our green alternatives. #ShareTheGreen

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If I had rubies and riches and crowns

I’d buy the whole world and change things around

- Bob Dylan -