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Money doesn't grow on trees. But these sponges and brushes do (not all on trees though). So kick plastic out of your kitchen because these 10 sustainable brushes and sponges provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic ones! All products are free from toxic chemicals and plastic and are presented with only the most essential information.

BfefBo Natural Sustainable Dishwashing Sponges

BfefBo Natural Dishwashing Sponges


Made from: loofah gourd, sisal plant & wood pulp cellulose
Made in: not specified
End-of-life: 100% compostable
Packaging: kraft paper recyclable packaging
Price: €11.60

EcoCoconut Kitchen Cleaning Brush

Made from
: handle made from FSC certified rubber tree wood - bristles made from sustainably farmed coconut husks
Made in: Sri Lanka
End-of-life: biodegradable
Packaging: plastic free
Price: €6.50

EcoCocoNut Ecofriendly Dish Brush

4Ocean Biodegradable Sponges

4Ocean Biodegradable Sponges


Made from: 100% natural plant cellulose
Made in: China
End-of-life: biodegradable & compostable - cellulose degradation occurs within about 2-6 weeks
Packaging: Not specified
Price: €17.10
Other: every 30-pack purchased pulls one pound of trash from the ocean

FAIR ZONE Scrubbing Sponge

Made from
: Fair Trade Coconut fibre
Made in: not specified
End-of-life: biodegradable & compostable
Packaging: not specified
Price: €2.00
Other: CO2 neutral

FAIR ZONE Scrubbing Sponge

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Toockies Scrub Cloth

Made from
: 100% certified organic & Fair Trade cotton
Made in: India
End-of-life: compostable & biodegradable
Packaging: not specified
Price: €6.10

Waschbär Loofah Slices

Set of 3

Made from: loofah gourd
Made in: Turkey
End-of-life: Compostable & Biodegradable
Packaging: not specified
Price: €4.95

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Photo by Nicole McConville (www.nicolemcconville.com)

Echoview Fiber Mill Wool Dish Sponge

Set of 2

Made from: cruelty free 100% wool
Made in: USA
End-of-life: 100% Compostable
Packaging: not specified
Price: varies

Bambaw Bottle Brushes

Made from
: stainless steel, sisal bristles & cotton
Made in: Indonesia
End-of-life: biodegradable & recyclable
Packaging: not-specified
Price: €10.30

Bambaw brushes

Loofah - ecofriendly dishwashing sponge

DIY Loofah

Making your own sustainable sponges is easy enough, if you can find a loofah gourd. Most Turkish and North African specialty shops sell them. If you have a garden you can grow and dry the loofah yourself.

Once you have the dried loofah in your possession, simply cut it into pieces and clean out any dirt. Your eco-friendly sponge is now ready to use!

Villa Lavanda Cleaning Beads

This one is a bit different than the above. These are special cleaning pearls for bottles, carafes & vases.

Made from rustproof 18/10 stainless steel these 3 mm beads clean the most inaccessible corners and are more hygienic than brushes. One glass jar with metal lid contains 1000 beads.

Made in: Germany
End-of-life: recyclable
Price: €10.00

Villa Lavanda Cleaning Beads